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Girl Power

A youth leadership camp that takes young females on a guided quest to realize their own potential over the course of 4 days. We will explore different topics that will help girls to better understand ways to have a healthy connection to themselves and their peers.

Band of Brothers

A day camp for young boys. It is a place for them to play, have some food, and learn important life lessons.

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DFC Student Ambassador Program

Serve as an advocate and liaison for DFC students.

School Bus

Participate in various fun activities and build new friendships!

After School Program
After School Program
Anti Racism Campaign

This is one of our long-standing campaigns: to end racism in Thunder Bay and surrounding regions

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DFC Gardening Project

Members from the RMYC have been working at the garden in Dennis Franklin Cromarty Highschool to help with the Seed to seed: Four Seasons of Food Security Project.

Neighbourhood Cleanup
Gender Based Violence

This is a type of violence that is directed at an individual based on his or her biological sex or gender identity. It can be incredibly traumatic and should not exist. 

The RMYC will be holding a conference to see how we can address this issue.

Work Desk
RMYC Summer Employment

RMYC volunteers have the opportunity to apply summer employment at the RMYC. Experience a valuable and fulfilling summer while contributing to your community and helping others!

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